Goggleless VR experience for Matterport 3D Showcase.
The magic to emerge your facilities in a wiser way.

angled display

Angled into IMMERSIVE

When all displays are correctly angled to each other, displaying content that is exactly as what is meant to be seen in that direction, true IMMERSIVE experience can be successfully achieved.

Teleportal is developed right for angled displays.

  • VR experience without goggles. Good for group experiencing, easier and safer.

  • Higher resolution benefitting from multiple displays setup, much clearer visual.

  • From desktop monitors to entire room of LEDs (or any displays), Teleportal just works.

Teleportal is the power source to turn your existing Matterport 3D Showcase into a memory occupying immersive experience for your customer, single or group.


Backed by Matterport API, Teleportal runs within a web page, no extra software needs to be installed.

Teleportal is a Web App runs on Google Chrome (more browsers to be supported soon). It can be easily configured to work with complex display setup. As the central controller, it

  • Loads and distributes Matterport 3D Showcases among displays.
  • Syncs displays to make sure each display showcases the right viewing direction of the same Matterport 3D Showcase.
  • Supports switching among multiple Matterport 3D Showcases.
  • Interacts with showcase via selected remote controller. (Yap, like playing a game.)

Multiple angled displays showing the same Matterport 3D Showcase in corrected viewing directions, evokes the spell of teleportation.

Teleportal can be deployed in many scenarios:

  • As a cool exhibit in an exhibition pavilion, like a museum. Visitors will be able to take a tour of pavilion sections/areas they don’t have enough time to visit.
  • As your super impressive reception besides the front desk, so visitors wouldn’t get bored if they have to wait for a while, and get to know more about your facilities before they enter.
  • As your super showroom to showcase all your facilities located somewhere else. Or, bring your showrooms back at home to the booth on a trade fair.
  • As your magical teleportal to all commercial/residential properties you are listing, so customers can visit more properties within limited time.
  • Much more, not to be limited.


Teleportal is the only option of its kind available to the public by far.

It implements most Matterport 3D Showcase functions (unavailable in Matterport’s official VR mode), like dollhouse/floorplan mode, Mattertag display, guided tour, just to name a few.


We understand display setups vary in different situations, that’s why we made Teleportal very flexible to work with almost any complex display setup.

Teleportal has a visual configuration tool built in, making it very simple and straightforward to work towards your display setup needs.


Teleportal is developed based on Matterport official API, which is directly supported by Matterport.

Teleportal only interferes how Matterport 3D Showcase is loaded and displayed in your display setup. It doesn’t modify any of your assets, which are still safely protected in Matterport clouds. All your share links and URL parameters are not touched in anyway.


Teleportal does its magic within web browser, thus it runs on any desktop operation system that supports the chosen browser*.

* Google Chrome web browser is required to run Teleportal. Mobiles and tablets are not supported.

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