• Why goggleless VR and how to set it up for your Matterport 3D Tour

    What is goggleless VR and why/when/where it would be preferred Goggleless VR is as explained by itself, a VR that doesn’t require audience to put on a goggle or headset to experience. VR (Virtual Reality) has been more and more popular these days, for the fact that it makes audience feel like being in an arbitrary time and space and

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  • Controller

    It’s recommended to experience Teleportal with bigger displays. A typical display setup could contain 3 adjacent displays, with each as roughly 4×3 meters in size, and in right angle to each other. In most cases, wired controller could make experience suffers from not only visual messes but also length limitation of wires. Thus wireless controllers are definitely a better choice.

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  • Display, node and channel

    Teleportal is all about manipulating and syncing Matterport 3D Showcase among multiple angled displays. If each display shows the same showcase with a matched orientation, visitor would feel like he/she is right there. This is how Teleportal creates true immersive experience, a goggleless VR experience. A display can be a TV screen, a monitor, a projection, a LED setup, or

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