• Layout nodes to match your displays setup

    Teleportal makes it very easy to layout nodes to match your displays setup. Please read these core concepts before configuring nodes. Save Nodes Configuration : Save current nodes configuration under your account. Make sure to save nodes configuration if you made any changes here and want to keep the changes next time Teleportal is launched. Saving nodes configuration overrides previously saved

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  • Nodes Placement Helper

    Nodes Placement Helper : Show/hide the Nodes Placement Helper. As indicated by the name, this is more a helper tool rather than configuration. Changing any value in this helper doesn’t modify Teleportal in any way, in stead, it gives some advice on how the displays should be placed to get the best immersive visual results. The final visual experience is

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  • Portals loading options

    Portals Loading Options : Display / hide configuration panel for Portals. All licensed Portals are listed in Portals configuration panel. To modify Portal’s Thumbnail and/or Model Name, please Request Support. Mattertag : Whether load Mattertag when launching the Portal. If loaded, Mattertag will be automatically displayed when it is near to the center of Node ‘base’, which is the only

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  • Controller Mapping: Xbox Wireless Controller

    Teleportal is pre-mapped with Xbox (One) Wireless Controller. In the diagram below, legend is coded as A: Axis, a.k.a. Analog Stick. B: ButtonNumbers following A / B: the index for the control (used for internal identification).Numbers following colon (“:”): the normalized maximum value when the stick is pushed toward that direction (used for internal function value mapping). For example, A(B0) is identified

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