• Controller reaction threshold

    Controller reaction threshold : Minimum input value of Axis control (Analog Stick). Axis control input must has an absolute value bigger than this threshold to be considered as a user command. For example, if threshold is set to 0.1, then Axis input must be either bigger than 0.1 or smaller than -0.1 to trigger a Teleportal reaction. This is due

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  • Auto play

    Auto play after # minutes of idle : For how long Teleportal shall wait (while being idle) before it starts auto playing highlights. “Enable Highlights Tour” must be turned on for the Portal. Showcase needs to contain highlights that are pre-configured in Matterport Workshop.

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  • Teleportal runtime log

    Logging consumes computer resources and has impact on Teleportal performance. We recommend disabling all logging options for regular runs, while enabling logging helps to investigate what’s happening. Central Log : Enable / disable Teleportal runtime log in central window. Nodes Log : Enable / disable Teleportal runtime log in node window. SDK BUG : Whether or not report SDK BUG

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