In this article, we’ll go through some of the important UI elements and related information found on Central window.

It’s recommended to interact with Teleportal via mapped remote controllers.

All Teleportal functions can be called from Central window. This is how central window looks like by default:

teleportal central window control panel

Click Dashboard on top right corner to return to your client account dashboard. All other settings above the horizontal line are explained in corresponding articles.

Action Section

Reload : Reload current Portal with current Portals Loading Options and Nodes Configurations.

Align Nodes : Shift all nodes according to node’s Orientation Shift values. This is useful when trying to find out the best Orientation Shift value for each node.

Switch Portal : Show/hide Portals Grid (on Channel window), where you can choose which Portal to launch (to switch to). Quantity of allowed Portals is subject to client account tier.

Style : Style for animation transition.

Mode : Tour mode.

Floor : Navigation for floors.
* Only available if current Portal has floors pre-configured in Matterport Workshop and has Floor enabled in Portals Loading Options.

Highlights : Navigation for guided tour.
Pause in tour # sec. : How long in seconds should auto play be paused between highlights, to allow desired exposure for each highlight. Default to be 2 seconds.
* Only available when current Portal has highlights pre-configured in Matterport Workshop and has Highlights enabled in Portals Loading Options.

Rotate / Move : Rotate/move camera. These are main actions for the tour. Different sub actions are available below main actions, depending on current Mode. We’re not going though every sub actions as they’re well self explained by labels.

Log Section

The text area with black background is the runtime logging section, where all running log for central and all nodes are displayed. Logs are color coded to make it easier to read.

Save Log : Save log to a local file.

Show log for : Filter logs to be displayed.

Auto Scroll : Enable/disable window auto scroll. By default, central window is always scrolled to bottom to focus on latest log. Disable this option if your are not checking logs.

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