It’s recommended to experience Teleportal with bigger displays. A typical display setup could contain 3 adjacent displays, with each as roughly 4×3 meters in size, and in right angle to each other.

In most cases, wired controller could make experience suffers from not only visual messes but also length limitation of wires. Thus wireless controllers are definitely a better choice.

Controller’s sticks/buttons need to be pre-mapped with Teleportal’s internal functions to work correctly. Unfortunately, controllers vary in controls’ architecture and signal transmission/identification, there is no one-for-all standard to follow. Teleportal can’t pre-map all possible controllers.

Teleportal is pre-mapped for Xbox Wireless Controller only, which is a very popular controller (great product by the way) that can be easily purchased online (e.g. from Amazon). Other controllers might work too but are not guaranteed.

Controller mapping service is available for quote, if controller can be identified and work as expected on this controller test page.

Custom controller mapping will be considered in future release of Teleportal. Stay tuned!

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