Teleportal is all about manipulating and syncing Matterport 3D Showcase among multiple angled displays. If each display shows the same showcase with a matched orientation, visitor would feel like he/she is right there. This is how Teleportal creates true immersive experience, a goggleless VR experience.

A display can be a TV screen, a monitor, a projection, a LED setup, or a flat portion (if not full) of any surface that can display visual contents from signal source that exported from a computer.

Each display is a “Node” in Teleportal, and is meant to display the showcase in an exclusive direction. Nodes are hosted by “Channels”. Finally, each Channel shall occupy one external display output (e.g. one HDMI output) of the computer running Teleportal.

Furthermore, If multiple nodes are hosted within one channel, video wall processor/controller will be needed to further control how to distribute each nodes among displays. A possible video wall control solution is shown as in the image below.

multiple nodes hosted in one channel
An example of video wall control solution.

While video wall controller/processor is not included in Teleportal, it can be easily purchased online, e.g. from Amazon. Please notice that video wall control systems vary in specifications and control methods, you need to pick wisely to fulfill your needs.

While there is no limitation regarding how many nodes can be hosted in one channel, less nodes in one channel does benefits in higher resolution for each node/display, if not limited by display’s capacity.

Teleportal has a built-in helper to assist you layout displays.

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