Teleportal makes it very easy to layout nodes to match your displays setup.

Please read these core concepts before configuring nodes.

Save Nodes Configuration : Save current nodes configuration under your account. Make sure to save nodes configuration if you made any changes here and want to keep the changes next time Teleportal is launched. Saving nodes configuration overrides previously saved nodes configuration.


Name : Name of the channel.

Geometry : Where channel shall be placed on desktop.
left/top – Distance in pixels between desktop left/top edge and channel window’s top left corner.
width/height – Width/height in pixels for the channel window.
Channel is meant to be displayed on external display. Due to the limitation of Google Chrome’s security policy, Teleportal can not move channel to the destination display directly. In stead, each channel will be displayed on your main desktop when launched, then you’ll need to move it to the desired external display manually. After channel is placed on the desired display, click the red “FULL SCREEN” button on channel window to enter its full screen display.

Grid Layout : Rows/columns – How many rows/columns the channel is divided into.

Rotate : How many degrees in clockwise the channel is to be rotated.


Image below shows the default layout for a typical “1 channel with 3 nodes” setup (the third node is removed for illustration purpose).

triple nodes one channel layout

The white solid outline represents current channel, which is divided into cells by thin dashed lines. Each cell represents a node slot. (For your convenience, channel is always displayed with its initial orientation here, meaning ignoring the Rotate value.)

For occupied node slot:

Node’s coordinate is displayed on top right of the slot, formatted as “channel : row-column“.
Node’s name is highlighted as “Node [ name ]“.
Node “base” is pre-defined as the “original” display, where other nodes are “shifted away” from this original node. Node “base” is usually displayed on the front display, the one visitor will be looking at when looking directly forward.

Node Title : Name for the node.

Orientation Shift : Angles between the node and node “base“, about each axis. Node “base” doesn’t need this option.
x – Pitching axis, positive values shifts node up ,negative values shifts node down.
y – Heading axis, positive values shifts node to the left, negative values shifts node to the right.
z – Banking axis, positive values shifts node clockwise, negative values shifts node counter clockwise.

Grid Coordinate : Where in the channel should node be placed. This option can only be set for node “base“.
row/column : Desired row/column position (in the channel) for node “base“.

Remove [ node ] : Delete node. Node “base” can not be deleted.

For empty node slot:

Insert new node here : Add a new node at the node slot.

Add New Channel : Add a new channel. Deleting all nodes in a channel will delete the channel automatically.

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