Portals Loading Options : Display / hide configuration panel for Portals.

All licensed Portals are listed in Portals configuration panel.

To modify Portal’s Thumbnail and/or Model Name, please Request Support.

Mattertag : Whether load Mattertag when launching the Portal. If loaded, Mattertag will be automatically displayed when it is near to the center of Node ‘base’, which is the only pre-defined main node in Teleportal and is meant to be cast on display right in front of audience.
Teleportal currently doesn’t support interaction with the content of Mattertag.

Floor : Whether allow floor switching for the Portal.

Highlights : Whether load highlights for the Portal. This is required for the auto play feature.

Save Portals Configuration : Save current configurations (for all Portals) to client account. When being launched, each Portal respects configuration as shown in the panel even if it’s not saved. On the other hand, all unsaved configuration will be lost when Teleportal exits.

Quantity of allowed portals is subject to client account tier. Each Portal is bonded to selected Matterport model, the bond can not be changed once created.

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