Controller reaction threshold : Minimum input value of Axis control (Analog Stick). Axis control input must has an absolute value bigger than this threshold to be considered as a user command. For example, if threshold is set to 0.1, then Axis input must be either bigger than 0.1 or smaller than -0.1 to trigger a Teleportal reaction.

This is due to the fact Analog Stick doesn’t has a perfect zero value when in its relax position, wether well calibrated or not. Each controller varies on the relax value, and even the same controller may provide different relax values when being detected at different time. A well calibrated controller shall have a very small relax value, like shown in the image below.

Default threshold of 0.1 should be good enough for most of the time, but we recommend you to check for it often before you launch your Teleportal.

To check your controller’s relax value, visit this page with your controller connected.

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