Teleportal is a Web App developed utilizing Matterport’s SDK. Teleportal manipulates Matterport 3D Showcase via its API. In other words, what is being displayed is Matterport 3D Showcase, while Teleportal controls how Matterport 3D Showcase is displayed. The magic Teleportal does is to manipulate each showcase’s direction to reflect the corresponding display’s orientation and sync this control across multiple displays, hence forms a true immersive experience.

Teleportal is just a Web App that runs in your web browser. It is nothing more than a software.

In practice, every setup may have its very own requirements on what displays to be used and how they are setup. This is why we choose to design Teleportal to be flexible with potentially any displays setup instead of to bind it with any particular display. LED/LCD walls work, projections work, TV screens work, and even computer monitors work. It really only matters what kind of experience is intended to be brought to visitors.

That’s been said, we don’t recommend certain displays. In general, the bigger the displays are, the better the experience will be. The basic idea of how displays can be setup and work together is the same. This article explains the concept further more which should work for most practices.

Matterport 3D Showcase in VR mode is a great solution to bring true immersive experience to audience. However, to experience Matterport 3D Showcase in VR, you’ll have to

  • Install designated App on your phone
  • Put on a compatible VR goggle
  • Enjoy alone
  • Miss many cool features that Matterport 3D Showcase offers in regular mode, like Dollhouse view, Guided Tour, Mattertags, etc.

Teleportal doesn’t suffer any of these limits. Besides, its visual form of multiple displays setup looks more professional and valuable, which is sometime very important for business use.

GeoCV support is on our product roadmap.

We are not able to implement this yet as GeoCV hasn’t released their development support information, while Teleportal relies on official methods (API) to manipulate how a 3D Tour is loaded, displayed and interacted with.

Once GeoCV has their development API ready, we’ll add in support to GeoCV asap.

It depends on how many Matterport 3D Showcase instances are intended to be driven.

Teleportal works on desktops and laptops, but not tablets/mobiles. In general, system that meets Matterport 3D Showcase System Requirement shall be powerful enough. However, faster internet connection and more powerful computer (particularly better graphic card and larger memory) would always be better.

Teleportal runs the best on Google Chrome. Some minor compatible UI issues may occur on other browsers. Future release will support more browsers better.

Feel free to try it out to see if your computer fits.

Teleportal is very flexible with any kind of display setups. Each display is a “node” in Teleportal, and nodes are hosted by “channels”. It’s your call whether to host all nodes in one channel or different channels. One channel only occupies one external display port. So even one external display port can drive many displays, if all displays (nodes) are to be hosted by single channel.

When hosting multiple nodes in one channel, you’ll need a video wall processor/controller to dispatch single channel output to different displays. Video wall processor/controller is not included in Teleportal, but can be easily purchased online, e.g. from Amazon.

By default, Teleportal will start auto play after being idle for 5 minutes, if “Highlights” is enabled for current Portal. This behavior can be customized in Preferences.

If this is not the case, it may be caused by the controller being used.

  • Controller varies on signal transmitted to computer even if they look the same. Teleportal is set to work with Xbox Wireless Controller (can be purchased online, e.g. from Amazon). Other controllers might work but are not guaranteed, and sticks/buttons need to be mapped correctly to internal functions for best result. Custom controller mapping will be considered in future release, before that, mapping service is available for quote, and only if the picked controller can be recognized and function as expected on this page.
  • Make sure your controller is correctly calibrated. Sometime controller is supposed to be in its relax position when not being touched, while analog controls (sticks) could be detected with non-zero values, which will trigger showcase reactions continuously. You might want to tweak Preferences -> “Controller reaction threshold” to match your case. Test your controller here to visualize how your controller is working.
  • Make sure the controller is within effective control distance to the computer running Teleportal. Swapping in new batteries might be necessary.
  • Try not to push sticks too hard and/or quickly.

Occasionally, some node might react noticeable later than others. This is a known issue in Matterport SDK. Matterport development team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix for it. Please bear with us for a working fix to be released asap.

This issue should only happen when taking MOVE action in IMMERSIVE mode. If you are suffering similar issue in other scenarios, please file a support request with us.

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